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Although most of our soft landscaping work still includes quality turf or seeding, we have often been asked about artificial turf.  Long lasting and maintenance free, many of our customers are looking to enjoy a green lawn area within their landscaping project to just enjoy without the need for mowing. And, if installed correctly, requires limited weeding or moss removal either.

Todays artificial turf has come a long way in recent years since first used on sports pitches and play areas. We can now install top quality turf that feels more like a bedroom carpet than a lawn. The rich green colour is less likely to fade in prolonged sun and the quality of the yarns used are much harder wearing, even in the harshest of heat or cold or heavy foot traffic. The initial cost to install may seem expensive but, will last 10 to 15 years without the need to replace. Plus you won't need to spend the time and expense on a mower !! Contact us now for a site visit and quote. If the area is already a live (or dead) lawn, the total cost may be less than you think. If laid on a hard surface like concrete, paving or decking, the cost could be considerably less.


EXAMPLE.  A typical 10m x 10m (100 msq) installed onto an existing lawn or other already 'smooth' area.

  • STEP 1. We would first need to remove the top surface down to depth of around 75mm to 100mm to ensure a stable final finish. (On large or rough areas this may require the use of a mini digger to get through this stage, adding to the cost).
  • STEP 2. Weed kill the cleared area and lay a stabiliser membrane
  • STEP 3. We would then apply 50mm compacted depth Type 1 stone followed by a layer of 25mm sharp sand. This layer would be 'screeded' using a length of 4"x2" to ensure a level/smooth finish ready for the turf
  • STEP 3. A weed membrane would now be installed to ensure any future weed seeds would have as little as possible to grow into.
  • STEP 4. Roll out the artificial turf, pin down and finish off.
This example assumes a reasonably level and stable area to start with and solid edging around the whole perimeter to be turfed. Additional spoil to take away and any edging installed would again, add to the cost.
A 10m x 10m area prepared to the above spec. would have around 15 tonnes of earth to take away, 10 tonnes of sub base and 5 tonnes of sand to bring in. And would take 2 days to complete. The cost of your choice of turf would also need to be added to the this.
£    + the cost of the turf chosen.